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Juffrous Hoogte

Imagine the time when you and your spouse travelled by horse and cart. It is Sunday, and Church is about to start in 6 hours. Hopefield, here we come. Cart ready to go. 3AM in the morning, and you get up and steer the single mare in an easterly direction. You cannot be late for Church service.

That is part of the life of the early west coast farmer living in and around a little place called Twisfontein (Vredenburg).

After church service, you meet and greet all the important people you need to meet, and set back home. And about 5 miles out of Twisfontein you take a pit-stop.

The place was called Juffrou’s Hoogte.

Built by the turn of the century, the Old farmstead of the farm “Eenzaamheid” (Loneliness), was originally used as a rest-over for travelers coming into Vredenburg by horse drawn cart. The young ladies or “juffrous” used to freshen up before taking on the last 5 miles into town.

As the farmstead was built on a hill or “hoogte” the town’s people eventually named the place Juffroushoogte.

Today, some 100 years later, Juffroushoogte is still used as a rest-over for the traveler wanting to explore the West Coast and its natural beauty, as it is the largest and most centrally located Guest Farm in the area.

Offering 50 en-suite rooms, four self catering cottages, two restaurants, a wood crafted sports bar and some outdoor attractions like farm animals, swimming pool, trampoline and aviary, it is the ideal family retreat.

The original farm was subdevided into 20ha small holdings, still referred to as Eenzaamheid.



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