Angry eyes or not

Bosvarkie looked great with the newly fitted stiff upper lip, but she needed a little more. Head lamp covers, a bonnet guard and a hat shelf or “parcel shelve” for the rear. I found all three items at Wizerd.

However, after wanting to charge me R1100 for delivery (not from Mars) from Jhb, I made another call.

This time to Safari Centre at N1 City. They gave me the same prices as Wizerd. BUT…

Delivery was R390. So they got the order.

I paid a deposit. I received an email confirming order placed.

And to quote Jacob Showerhead, “Listen properly”…

That was on the 30 of May.

We expected delivery by the following Wednesday. The package arrived here the Monday. We went to collect it, and it was fitted DIY style the same day.

Now read what a customer should not have to experience.

So where does the Angry eyes come in?

Well, the headlamp covers come in two formats. The one set is normal covers, and the other set has a little eye lid, giving the headlamp an angry eye look. I was instructed by the swambo “Not to get the angry eyes”.


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